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We Could Live In This Gorgeous Minimalist Design Store

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Photographed by Julia Albee for Prevalent Projects.
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Do you ever enter a beautiful home design store and think to yourself, "Could I just move in here?" Well that's what we thought when we first saw Prevalent Projects. The Mill Valley-based shop is filled with beautiful objects from furniture to decor to jewelry — all with a focus on Scandinavian and Japanese design.

Prevalent Projects is a collaboration between creative couple Floyd and Julia Albee. The pair has divided up their talents to curate a well-rounded space for any design lover to explore. While Julia, a photographer, takes on the duty of store buyer, Floyd runs an interiors studio from the back of the shop.

With a focus on featuring both rising and established contemporary designers, it's the perfect spot for anyone looking for a modern refresh in their home. Plus, it doesn't hurt the space itself is majorly inspirational.

Want to take a tour? Read ahead to explore the stylish shop.